Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Christmas Floral Arrangements

Christmas, decorations , floral and twig arrangements go hand in hand. Here are some of the arrangements I made for Christmas.Ofcourse,it would'nt be perfect but I enjoyed making them and I just love looking at them everyday of this yuletide season!

My favorite geese peeping down

A Silver themed centerpiece

An orange themed decor

A Silver themed dry arrangement

My dining table candlestand centerpeice
Candle stand arrangement

A twig cornucopia  with poinsettia and holly leaves

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Bird House Floral Arrangement

  One day I had this urge to make a bird house!There was no wood at hand nor a carpenter in sight!My eyes fell on a styrofoam sheet  standing in the corner of my craft room.I decided to make a bird house with styrofoam! Of course,this bird house is not meant for the outdoors, but I have hung it in my sit-out where it is not exposed to rain!
For Christmas my  bird house doubled as a cute table decoration  after I perched a poinsettia on the roof to give it a christmasy look!

My Birdhouse Arrangement

For instructions to make this Styrofoam Birdhouse, follow this link...

                                                                  Styrofoam BirdHouse

Well!!Nothing is more satisfying than creating your own Christmas decor and admiring them day in and day out!!:)
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  1. So pretty! All you sisters are so creative!



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