Monday, June 29, 2009

Is the writer in you sleeping?

Dear writer-in-you,
Come on now, wake up! Your slumber has been a long one! Have you forgotten that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword?’ It’s time to pick up your pen! The writer in you is just waiting to happen!
Yes, your hands must surely have become stiff and rigid from not writing. It’s OK. It’s never too late to start writing! All that you need is a few warm up exercises and you are all geared up for action! Ready, start! Stretch out your hands and fold them -3 times. Open and close your fists-5 times. Can you hear your knuckles crack and groan? Good. Now you are set to get into the act! Pick up your pen or your word processor and do the following exercises:

1. Look around you carefully. Absorb in your surroundings! Now put your pen to paper or your fingers to your keyboard and describe all about your surrounding!
2. Next, close your eyes. Think about a happy moment which still makes your heart miss a beat. Open your eyes and explain that feeling.
3. Now, look deep into your soul. Do you feel a hurt? A pain? A helplessness? A time when you thought your world around you crashed! Well, look up and put that sad feeling in writing.
4. Admire the flowers in your garden. Does your mind get filled with ideas about how to decorate them ? Well, dash off something about how to go about doing it.

Excellent! Your warm up writing exercises are done. Don’t you feel the writer in you utterly and totally awake? Do you feel the ideas rushing to your head? Aren’t you full of pep and enthusiasm? Don’t you feel like changing the world with your pen? Well, then, welcome to the world of writing! You are a writer in the making! Just go for it!

'If you want to be successful, know what you are doing, love what you are doing, and believe in what you are doing.' — Will Rogers

Copyright © 2009 lyla. All Rights Reserved
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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Make money on the Internet

Money, dough, green jack or whatever that crumpled piece of paper in your wallet is known as, it does make our world go round! So now that you are familiar with the basics of computer and have started browsing away happily..why not consider making money on the internet as well? Yes, there are countless ways to go about making money with your computer and on the internet. Is it easy? Of course it is..but remember a golden rule, ‘Never spend money to make money.’ At least for a beginner!

There are umpteen spam sites that will offer you 'get rich quick’, ‘make $1000 a day’ schemes and so on and so forth. But,do keep in mind that there is never instant money anywhere-on the internet or elsewhere .You have to work step by step to build up your base and money will just trickle in at first and then maybe a little reasonable amount, as you get the hang of it! You do need enormous hard work and patience .Hence, your financial investment should be zero where as your real investment should be hard work ,effort, patience and time.

“Money never starts an idea. It is always the idea that starts the money.”- Owen Laughlin

The advantages of making money online:
• You will have a sense of achievement
• It will build up your self confidence
• Keeps your mind active
• You become more and more innovative
• You will discover many different ways to make more money
Finally you become a pro! Money pours in!

You cannot make money by building an internet company, but you have to use the internet as a tool to create value and get paid for it.
The opportunities and the list are endless-which we will be dealing in the following posts. Just go for it! Yes, that’s it!

Copyright © 2009 lyla. All Rights Reserved

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Make Money for Beginners

For those who are just taking the plunge into the world of internet, in course of time something is bound to happen! You will feel the urge to try out and earn some money without investment from the internet. After all, that’s what you keep reading all over the net about how so many people have turned billionaires overnight and how to make $100 a day and other get rich schemes. Well, of course you should most definitely give a try to make money on the net! According to me, I would recommend two ways to earn money on the net for beginners.

1. Get paid to do surveys.
2. Get paid to read emails.

There are many, many paid to read email sites and paid to survey sites out there .You have to be careful tho’ as there are more scam sites than legitimate sites. How do you check out which are the genuine sites? Well, there are a couple of sites that help you in determining the paying and the scam sites. Check out both sites before signing up for the paid to read email.

1. - gives you a list of sites that are paying.
2. - lists sites that are known scams.

Here’s a small tip about evaluating good get paid to read email sites. First do check out their minimum payout level- that is, the amount of money you should earn before they pay you up. If the minimum payout level is like a $20 or more, just do not even think about signing up with them. Usually, most of these sites with high payout levels, have no intention on paying up their members. When people get close to the target payment, they just disappear. Anyway, in case you would like to give it a try, there are certain legitimate sites with very low payout level such as $1 or less or maybe even a no minimum payout level! Then there is a chance of you getting paid every month. For instance, Quick Rewards has no minimum payout level.
In the same manner, there are many scammers as well with the paid survey sites too. But then, there are many good sites and you do not have to pay money to do them. If you come across a site which demands a fee to join the so called survey site, then just forget them.

Here are a few websites that have allow you to earn some money without making an investment.

1. Survey Spot (
2. Global Test Market (
3. Zoom panel (

These sites pay the money to your PayPal account and you can withdraw your amount from your Paypal account. Dont have a Paypal account? You can sign up from here.

Nowadays, these sites reward you with sweepstakes entries and points. Hence ,my personal opinion would be to start a blog or website to make money!
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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Love Affair

It was love at first sight.. for me! You see, you are never old to fall in love! My new love happened after my children left home. How did it happen? Well, one day, I had gone shopping. Psst..I am a shopoholic. Suddenly my eyes fell on a elegant sleek silhouette against the soft beam of light .I was mesmerized by the sleek silhouette. I just could not peel my eyes off that silhouette. Here I was openly ogling first and then literally drooling! I am unaware of the eyes around me. I have this urge to touch and feel! Shall I? Shall I not? Then I say to myself, Why not? I take a step forward. The silhouette stood ground. Another step and another step and I was near.With eyes full of admiration I whisper unabashed,’ Come on..I’m taking you my bedroom!’ I turn around to see many expectant amused eyes, but I say in a loud voice, ‘Yes.. I’m taking..this model .Send this home please!’ Thus my brand new computer arrived home to me! :) I was totally besotted and proud to finally own my own personal computer! I went on and on about how cool my computer was, and how much fun I was going to have using it!

Now, the next step! Its never too late to learn! Do not be intimidated by the technology and never ever think that you will ever be any good at computers because you didn't grow up with them! Just have fun playing around your computer and before you realize it ,you would have learnt the basics all by yourself. All that you need is some patience and you will learn by trial and error.Having fun playing around your computer ,will make it all the more easy for you to learn. The real reason why many people find it difficult to learn all about computers is actually very simple- it's their mental attitude!But then, they do have control over their attitude isn’t it? Now, surely, you do have the right mental attitude, don’t you? Well, so then, welcome to the world of technology! :)
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Monday, June 1, 2009

On Second Thoughts!

One fine day, the last of my brood flew away! That day is still fresh in my mind! I felt so lost and empty.I remember..looking around the house – everything looks so empty! Is this the same place which I found so full? Is this the same house where there was non stop activity ? My hands feel uncomfortably free with absolutely no work! What ever happened to the never ending load of work? What is this new feeling of uselessness creeping up on me? I had been a parent for most of my adult life and now I don’t know what to do with myself.

On second thoughts, I realized that we do have options in life.We can opt to be either sad or happy! We can opt to be either depressed or keep your mind off the emptiness and be active. The choice is for us to make. We have to search for the hidden joy in each moment and relish it. No one can do this for us! We have to do it all by ourselves. Once, I realized this..I set about changing my attitude and lifestyle.

I also remembered on second thoughts, did I not always want to spend some time aimlessly with no work? Did I not want to do stuff that interests me? Did I not want to curl up with a book? Did I never long to do things for me and only just for me? And oh, what about listening to my type of music? Was I never fed up with different types of music blaring from each room? Oh, yes and yes and yes! So, on second thoughts I decided to stop this moping and learn to cope positively!

Any way along the way there were lessons that I learnt.. I should have planned well in advance about what I would like to do when the children leave. By planning, I would never have felt so very guilty for following my desire for activities that interests me, as maybe the years of slogging does tend to put one on the defensive for wasting time on oneself! Besides, the most difficult of it all was to concede that your children will never ever need you in the same way again!But then, maybe I can look back with satisfaction at a life dedicated to my children!

Above all, just keep on thanking for all the blessings! Because, I’ve realized that by thanking, your positive vibes will ripple over and touch the lives of people around you. Many a times when I have been depressed and I close my eyes in prayer and what I see? No. Not my wants but just my blessings!
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Welcome to - On Second Thoughts

Make yourself comfortable and feel at home! I came across this quote recently. ‘Everyone has talent at 25. The difficulty is to have it at 50.’ - Edgar Degas. Oh no, pardon me! I don’t agree! We have just finished one phase in our lives-raising kids and the stuff and now we are off to the next new phase – a new chapter, a new leaf in our lives. We have all the time in the world to dust our talents, our interests, our ambitions and make a real major comeback to living life to the full! Let me hasten to add that this transition is not going to be so very easy or simple as it sounds! We do have some major shake-ups to do! Anyway, we are wiser, more patient, tactful and more confident. Hence, no worries. Just decide on what you would like to do and without doubt you can do it!

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