Thursday, June 13, 2013

What If ?

 This week's writing prompt/challenge on the GBE..WHAT IF?

 What if fairy tales are not fantasy fiction but a reality? What if elves, fairies, fairy godmother are really existent? What a wonderful and joyful world this would be!

 What if I got up in the morning and found the elves (
à la The Elves and the Shoemaker) have cleaned up my house, washed the dishes and even whipped up breakfast for me? Cute!


What if the sneaky white stray cat which strolls around my house, checking out devious means to enter my kitchen and steal food, was like Puss in Boots? Puss in Boots, the chivalrous, gallant, courteous and helpful cat will even find a groom for my youngest daughter!Charming!

What if I had   flower fairies living in the flowers in my garden, cleaning and polishing my flowers?
Then they will  dance in gay abandon throughout the night and leave fairy circles in the morning for me to admire! Delightful!


What if I had a fairy godmother at my beck and call, who can grant my wishes with the wave of her magic wand? Awesome, lucky me!
What if my writing fairy writes my blogs and novels, which naturally becomes bestsellers and gets me the Bookies Award! Fabulous!              


What if there are only fairy tale romances with a handsome prince sweeping you off your feet? Adorably sweet!

 What if good always overcomes evil and justice prevails as in fairy tales?
And finally, WHAT IF life is always about, 'And they lived happily ever after ' ?
What a marvelous world it would be!

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Color Décor To Go With Mood

      Everyone knows that color and mood are inextricably linked.  You can either be influenced by the color around you or you can surround yourself with the color that suits your mood at that point of time.  Here are some awesome ideas for table centerpieces   in various colors. Follow your mood or let your mood overwhelm you! Either way, let color impact your  mood and décor!!

 WHITE: White lie?White knight? White , the color of purity


    RED: Seeing Red? Red faced? In the Red? Red is a strong eye catching color - the  color of romance !

PURPLE: Born to the purple? The color of Royalty. A calm and soothing color.

YELLOW:  Yellow streaked? Or may be yellow bellied?  Yellow is a joyful color- the color of sunshine!

BLUE: Feeling Blue?Out of the Blue?Once in a Blue moon? Blue, a peaceful and relaxing color.


PINK: Tickled pink?In the pink? Pink ,the color of  femininity, softness and innocence.

GREEN: Green with envy? Green eyed monster? Green Thumb ? Green,  the color of nature,is a restful color.

ORANGE:  Apples and oranges? Orange is a bright, joyful and cheerful color.

BROWNS:Brown as a berry?Brown off? Brown is the color of our Mother Earth.

ECO- Feel on top of the world by feeling that you have done your bit to save the earth! Use eco friendly brown paper vase!!

CANDLES:Nothing like a softly illuminated candlelit décor.

Go ahead and splash with whatever color impacts you!!

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An Introspection-How Do My Family and Friends See Me?

     A friend from America  was doing  interview questions for an assignment in Interpersonal Communication class and needed Baby Boomers (born between the years 1946 and 1964) to answer 4 questions. I agreed to answer them and it was a wonderful experience of introspection as I never really got down to contemplating my thoughts and feelings. This self examination was an eye opener for me and reminded me of Aristotle’s words, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

Q . How do you think your family and friends see you, and do you think it's the same way you see yourself?

 A. My friends and family which includes my siblings, extended family, cousins, nieces and nephews see me as I see myself - a loving, caring, helpful, thoughtful and a bubbly person who laughs out loudly at the drop of a hat! People tell me that it is a God given gift to be able to laugh so heartily and merrily even at my age! :)  I love appreciation and indeed I do get them abundantly. My family and friends are confident that I will be there for them whenever needed and certainly yes, I will always be! I also see myself as a very optimistic person, because, when I look back at the many negative situations that I have faced, I've realized that instead of brooding and ranting, my mind has always started automatically working on what has to be done next! Finally, I see myself as a blessed person who is loved and called as a favorite person by so many!

    Now for the flip side! Unfortunately my three children (a married son and daughter and the youngest girl yet to be married)though they love me immensely, see me in a complete different light. All three of them are working, independent, having their own life style and stay in the city far away from our town. With so many crimes and accidents happening around us, I naturally do worry a lot about them for which I am branded as paranoid. My concern for their safety is misunderstood as suffocating them and not very normal! My advices to them now and then, to follow certain social norms and traditions have me promptly labeled as being narrow minded! They need me hovering in the background and do they take me for granted? Indeed, yes. I am expected to pamper them, it’s their birth right isn’t it? Well, whatever. My mother (who is still with us) cheers me up by constantly saying that  when they have kids of their own they will be able to understand me! That's a real encouraging and positive thought. Sam Levenson said ‘Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children.' Very very true!  :)

   In retrospect, as a very young parent ( I was a mother of 2 kids by the time I was 24) may be I've  made  some wrong decisions and choices. Now that I am older and wiser, when I reflect on my early parenting, I do have a few regrets, but then, I’m consoled that most parents my age feel the same! But my love for my children, family and home was and always will be unparalleled ! I do feel that I have let time slip through my fingers without having spent more time with my elder two kids who grew up in no time and left for college! Since my youngest arrived when I was in mid thirties,I spent all my time with her and  with the elder two away from home,I became very emotionally dependent on the youngest. Whatever. Right now,I do miss the point in time when I was the very center of my children’s existence! Anyway, that’s part and parcel of life and I look forward to many more blessings from above!  :)

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