Friday, September 18, 2009

Earn money from Video Blog

Yes, you can make money from video blogs as well. A video blog? Yes, a video blog is when you make a video, link it to your blog and publish it on the internet for the whole world to see. It is also known as vlog.

All that you need to start a vlog are:
* A camcorder or a mobile phone or even a web cam (A web cam is fine as well , but a digital video camera will produce better results )
* A computer with video editing software installed onto it.
* A blog.
* An RSS feed to "syndicate" your content.

Additional tip - Instead of the microphone built into your camcorder or web cam
use a separate microphone so that you will be able to produce a much better sound quality. Yes, that’s it! That’s about all you need to start a vlog!
What about the topic? You can make a video about anything that fancies you, but do pick a topic that you are passionate about ,so that you can continue to make episodes after episodes. Would you like to share your happiness, your talent, your craft ideas, a humorous episode, or maybe even a product that you would like to market? Just ANYTHING as long as it holds the attention of your audience!
You can use a variety of video file types like Windows Media, Quicktime, Real Media and MPEG to make your video. But then, FLV (Flash Video) or SWF (Shockwave Flash) file formats can be viewed by both Mac and PC users .
After you are done with the shooting of your video you can edit it in the Windows Movie Maker software that comes free with windows XP. You will be able to save it only as a Windows Media file (.wmv) but you can convert it with converters like Pazera Free Video to Flash Converter 1.1 to any format you want.
   Now that you are done and ready with your video, upload it to your blog and create a RSS feed to syndicate your site. Yes, Done! Voila! You have started your very own video blog!Now you can make money from your vlog just like you would on a regular blog! In course of time you will develop your own style and there is no limit to creativity. Don’t hesitate, just do it! Your video doesn't have to be great, just enough to hold the attention of your viewers! Happy shooting and all the best in your endeavor to make money! :)

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Internet is like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

Internet has a got split personality like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde! How so? Well, you see, the internet has become the very core of everyday modern life .It is an excellent source of information, unparalleled in history. The whole world is dependant on it right from instant communication, instant information, entertainment, services and E-commerce. This is the good and positive side or the Dr.Jekyll side of the internet!
On the other hand, as with all science and technology innovations there is a negative side to the internet as well. The negative side is mostly a replay of all that happens in the real world. This negative Hyde side of the internet is a dark sinister one, where people commit crimes, show negative and antisocial behaviour audaciously because of the anonymity the internet provides. The internet offers people a world wide platform to air their views and thoughts, which criminals use to their advantage. Many official looking websites and hate communities are created focusing on hatred, violence and racism that sound natural and normal influencing young minds in particular.
Another most disturbing negative trait of the internet is pornography which is located in just about every corner of cyberspace. These are available for easy viewing by children and teenagers .With the internet, child pornography has flourished and so has the ability of pedophiles to connect with unsuspecting kids has increased enormously. The chat rooms are another haven for stalkers, pedophiles, perverts, racists and cult members who can easily befriend anyone on the internet, especially a young child .Moreover the easy access to emails, messengers and web cameras are dangerous for vulnerable minds especially if they have struck friendship with objectionable characters.
The internet has also unleashed a new breed of criminals indulging in cyber crimes like phishing , identity theft, hacking computer, sending virus ,salami attack and many more. Cyber terrorism is a recent threat, where terrorists routinely communicate with their henchmen by steganography and encrypting messages into image files. Other disadvantages are that there is no quality control for certain publications since anyone can publish on line, whereas on the other hand a treasure trove of information and knowledge is available. Last, but not the least the predicament of getting addicted to the net. This addiction is looming so large that family and social life is being affected all over the world.
Despite the fact that internet can create chaos and devastation if misused, the positive side of the internet by far outweighs and compensates the negative side of the internet! So, with two sides to it, the internet is just like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A writer in the making

I browse through the stationary shop, feeling the smooth touch of papers. My mind is racing.. shall I pick up the onion skin paper, plain white notepaper or the handmade paper ? No wait! I'll pick up the recycled paper. It makes me feel real good and smug about myself. I've done my bit for the world environment. Why do I need these papers? Because, I have to write! I know I can use the word processor, but then, having a few sheets of exotic paper around is a good idea. You see, I had always wanted to become a writer, right from my college days, never mind that was more than 30 years ago! I still feel like when I was in college, don't I? My mirror can go and crack itself. Its important how you feel and not how you look. Right ?

Next I eye the neat array of pens. A writer should have a good pen! All the brands look so shiny and classy. Parker, Sheffield, Waterman , Pelikan , which do I choose? Oh gosh! Shall I pick up the ball pen or fountain pen or just gel. The colors? Flashy red , black? Well, I'll settle for the dignified navy blue. It will suit my image of a serious writer! Then I decide on a dark tan leather file to keep my papers, that odious plastic file is an absolute no no!

I walk back home, already feeling like a writer and pass by an electronic shop. What's that shining like a pearl on the display window? Its a laptop, a white Apple laptop! Yes ,I definitely must have that one. It's so chic and I am to be a chiclit writer, honestly, I am! How can I write without a word processor? A laptop is a must. The laptop that I bought six months earlier, is already a tad ancient and slow with all the spy wares and adwares happily sitting inside the machine. I keep walking , calculating how to pay the bill if I do buy it and of course it hits me! I'll pay it all back from the earnings I make from writing! Good, that's settled!

I reach home and look at my tiny corner. That chair does look uncomfortable! Doesn't it? I'll have to spend hours sitting and writing. Maybe, I'll buy a white leathered cushioned one to match my laptop. With my mind full of calculations, I open my engagement book. Dear me, I do have a party tonight !Oh no, tomorrow there is a baby shower and the next day, my friends are coming over for a girlie weekend .Gosh,I have appointments for this whole month, just like last month and all the months before that. Never mind, relax,I'll start writing from next month. What's the big deal? I have waited 30 years to become a writer, so another month of waiting will do no harm!

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Monday, August 24, 2009

32 Social Networking Icon sets for Craft Blogs and sites

Icons! The icons in your blog or website reflect you. It speaks volumes
about you, your likes and taste, your moods and state of mind ! So, I spent hours scouring the web to compile these amazing and astounding social networking icons just for you! These will definitely look real awesome in crafter's blogs or site. Social bookmark icons on your blog or site, are so very essential, as they are the keys to the door of communication to your social network sites! Of course, social networking has become a way of life, whether it is to be in touch with the global community, your family or even to promote your business! Therefore, keeping in mind the artist in you, these icons were handpicked to touch your aesthetic chord ! :)

Click Read More to view the 32 Social Networking Icon sets for Craft blogs and sites.

The sets include social media graphics for Delicious, Reddit, Linkedin, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Twitter as well as commonly used icons such as RSS etc.
Enjoy picking the icon after your heart! :)
Check out the Cool Social Networking Icon sets here.(Coming soon!)

Web 2 Origami Icon Set

Hand Drawn Doodle Set
Glossy Waxed Wood Social Networking Icons

Social Media Icons by Plechi

Hand Drawn Photoshop Social Networking Shapes

Social Icons Hand Drawn

Sticky Notes Social Media Icon Set

Free Hand Color Stroked Icon set

Coffee Stain Social Networking Icons

Page Peel Free Social Media Icon Set

Orange Grunge Stickers Social Bookmarking Icons

Handy Icons
Black Magic Marker Social Bookmarking Icons

Social Grunge Icons by Tydlinka

Social Bookmark Sketchy Icons

Woodgrain Social Media Icons

Worn Cloth Social Networking Icons

Post Stamp Social Icon Set

Black Ink Grunge Stamps Social Media Icons

Wooden social Icon Sets

Handycons - Hand drawn Social Media Icon set

Retro Grunge Stripes Social Media Icons

Hand-drawn Social Media Icons

Watercolor Social Networking Icons

Free Crumpled Paper Social Networking Icons

Grunge Social Icons

Glassy Space Social networking Icons

Hand-drawn Sketch Icons

Color Pencil Social Media IconsGlossy Social Icon Set

Whitewashed Star Patterned Social Bookmarking Icons

Grunge Style Social Bookmarking Icons

Please do drop in a word if you enjoyed this or was useful to you! :)

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40 Cool Free Social Networking Icons

Here’s a fabulous offering to all the social media enthusiasts on the lookout for wonderful icons! Feast your eyes and pick and choose whatever fancies you! I have bunched together some amazing and incredible social networking icons just for you! I enjoyed the hours of slogging, admiring the vibrant works of art from these great designers!
Hats off to these awesome artists who create superb graphics and offer it to us for free! :) Click Read More to view the 40 Cool Free Social Media Icons .

White Magik Social Icon Set

Social Icon Set

Boxblu social network icons

Red & White Pearl Social Media Icons

Vibrant Pattern Social Media Icons

Wild Twist Social media Icon pack

Social Bookmark Icon Sets

Stitched Denim Blue Jeans Social Media Icons

Dellifeed Icon Set

Cheers Social Icon Sets

Yellow Black Striped Grunge Construction Icons

Aquaticus Social Media Icon Set

Fall Leaves Social Icon Set
Antique Glowing Copper Orbs Social Networking Icons

Social Media Icons
Glowing Neon Social Networking Icons

Starry Social Icons

Dark Denim Social Media Icons

Glowing Pink Neon Social Networking Icons

Elegant Social Media Icons Version 2.0

Chocolate Social Media Icons

Cafe Icon Set
Social 2 Duo

Nurture Social Icon Pack

Socialize Icon Sets

AlteredIcons 40+ Social Media Networking Icon Set

Social Icons

Green Jelly Social Bookmarking Icons

Social Web Buttons
Heart Social Icon Set
Glossy Black Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons
Icons Clouds

Social Icons - Knobs

Black Inlay on Steel Social Media Icons

Glossy Orange Orb Social Media Icons

Transparent Glass Social Bookmarking Icons

Drink Web 2.0 Social Networking Icons

65 Social Icons

Please do drop in a word whether you enjoyed and liked this collection!

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