Monday, January 9, 2012

Cheers to 2012

 The very word ‘New Year’ sends everyone in a tizzy, as it is that time of the year to make the regular annual New Year Resolutions! Yes, it is time to make life- altering goals! We get another chance to reflect on the changes we want or to rectify. Moreover, making New Year resolutions is honestly soul satisfying and it has a feel good effect on you! You feel like a brand new you!!

 As a kid I used to write resolutions since everyone around me was writing them and did I feel so very good about it? Yes, but then, I don’t remember those resolutions lasting long- hardly a month or even less! When you slip up on your resolutions, the guilt feeling and the embarrassment of a failed attempt is indeed heavy. So I made a resolution never to bother with New Year resolutions I can never keep! And, let me hasten to add that I have stuck to this resolution. Neat, isn’t it?

 I read somewhere that ‘A person who breaks a resolution is weak’. I’m totally crest-fallen! However, the next sentence lifts my spirit, ‘And the person who makes a resolution in the first place is a fool’. I’m elated! I’m not alone !

Well, usually taming the bulge and a strict fitness regime tops the list of  New Year Resolutions. Though it is prudent to change your lifestyle for your wellbeing, I have personally experienced that  some exciting event like a family wedding ,an interesting get-together  or something like that is a huge motivation to trim down that unsightly fat and it is  easier to maintain the new lifestyle atleast for a while. So use any appropriate time of the year to start your motivated lifestyle change, so that there is no chance of casting your reformation to the winds!
Warm friendly smile

Even though I do not write down New Year Resolutions, I do have a few simple mental list of attitudes, actions, and beliefs that I   follow diligently all through the year.  It’s actually quite easy and effortless. Try it and you will feel really good!!

Here it is..
  • Have a warm friendly smile for everyone-at the malls, on the road, wherever. A smile knows no geographical or religious barriers .It is a universal language. You’ll be surprised at the number of smiles returned back to you!

  • Have a kind word to the elderly and the workers toiling away.Stop and spare a few caring words to them. It will make their day. Be extra nice to the elderly. Never forget that we will be there soon!(Maybe, I am already there?)

  • Have a thankful heart always. Be thankful for  your blessings, at all times.

    • Have a cheerful heart constantly. Never regret your past mistakes and weaknesses. Grow from it.

    • Have faith that God will answer your prayers according to His will in His time.

    • Always be yourself. Never put on an act or pretend to be someone you are not.
    Surely this commitment is easy, isn't it? Give it a go!

    I also love Benjamin Franklin’s quote...
    “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each New Year find you a better man/woman."

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