Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine’s Day Excites the Moral Police

  As Valentine’s Day approaches, there is excitement in the air 
for the moral police brigade in India. Yes, it is that time of the 
year when these unaccomplished members of the Moral Police can bask in media glory and hog all the limelight! It is their one chance to become famous overnight. Wow! Who are these moral police and what do they do? Well, they are a bunch of goons and thugs, backed by an extremist  political party whose self appointed job is to enforce standards of moral behavior among the general public and guard the culture of the nation. Awesome! Their important job on Valentine’s day is to snoop around card shops ,parks  coffee shops and beat up love couples and burn cards, because, according to their small minds Valentine’s day is  a western culture and PDAs(Public Display of Affection) are against Indian culture. These pathetic muscle flexing goons assume that maybe only on Valentine ’s Day , lovers express their love, hold hands and give lovey dovey looks. The rest of the year there is no love in the air? Great thinking! Btw, usually there is never much PDAs  here in India. 

  Anyway, for these moral police, issues like immodest clothing, visits to the pub and nightclubs, being seen in public with the opposite sex are issues of national importance whereas, dowry deaths, rape, female infanticide, child labor exploitation , corruption are all non issues. Why should they bother about non issues? This organization reportedly even conducted a marriage of dogs as a mark of protest against Valentine's Day celebration in Karnataka. Progressive 21st century minds!

   A couple of years back, this moral police brigade reached the height of absurdity when they threatened to marry off young couples found together on Valentine’s day and they had the audacity to assault girls who chose to go to pubs in Mangalore. Overnight they were in the limelight and their goal accomplished! The media glare was on them and their criminal minded organization could reap rich political dividends with absolutely very little work (or so they thought.) But then, there was a rude embarrassment awaiting them! In response, the shocked people and rights activists started a non violent movement called the ‘Pink Chaddi Campaign’ (Pink Panties Campaign).Chaddi means panties in Hindi. They collected truckloads of pink chaddis and sent them to the red faced president of this outrageous political party. Netizens also joined the movement by sending virtual pink chaddis. Way to go!

   However, last year 2011,the moral police maintained a low profile  and allowed valentine’s day celebrations to take place peacefully! Maybe the pink chaddi campaign was responsible for the change of heart? NO WAY! Elections were around the corner and they wanted to woo the young voters and not be seen as anti-youth. Anyway they lost the elections shamefully.

What about 2012? Well, early this month 3 ministers of the ruling party were caught red handed by the media, watching pornography during the Assembly in Karnataka. Absolutely shocking! What did our  self righteous moral police brigade do? They never murmured a word of protest! After all, both the political parties have an alliance. Birds of a feather flock together!

In conclusion, what was all this big hue and cry about guarding our culture on Valentine’s Day? NOTHING but VOTES!

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