Thursday, September 17, 2009

Internet is like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde

Internet has a got split personality like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde! How so? Well, you see, the internet has become the very core of everyday modern life .It is an excellent source of information, unparalleled in history. The whole world is dependant on it right from instant communication, instant information, entertainment, services and E-commerce. This is the good and positive side or the Dr.Jekyll side of the internet!
On the other hand, as with all science and technology innovations there is a negative side to the internet as well. The negative side is mostly a replay of all that happens in the real world. This negative Hyde side of the internet is a dark sinister one, where people commit crimes, show negative and antisocial behaviour audaciously because of the anonymity the internet provides. The internet offers people a world wide platform to air their views and thoughts, which criminals use to their advantage. Many official looking websites and hate communities are created focusing on hatred, violence and racism that sound natural and normal influencing young minds in particular.
Another most disturbing negative trait of the internet is pornography which is located in just about every corner of cyberspace. These are available for easy viewing by children and teenagers .With the internet, child pornography has flourished and so has the ability of pedophiles to connect with unsuspecting kids has increased enormously. The chat rooms are another haven for stalkers, pedophiles, perverts, racists and cult members who can easily befriend anyone on the internet, especially a young child .Moreover the easy access to emails, messengers and web cameras are dangerous for vulnerable minds especially if they have struck friendship with objectionable characters.
The internet has also unleashed a new breed of criminals indulging in cyber crimes like phishing , identity theft, hacking computer, sending virus ,salami attack and many more. Cyber terrorism is a recent threat, where terrorists routinely communicate with their henchmen by steganography and encrypting messages into image files. Other disadvantages are that there is no quality control for certain publications since anyone can publish on line, whereas on the other hand a treasure trove of information and knowledge is available. Last, but not the least the predicament of getting addicted to the net. This addiction is looming so large that family and social life is being affected all over the world.
Despite the fact that internet can create chaos and devastation if misused, the positive side of the internet by far outweighs and compensates the negative side of the internet! So, with two sides to it, the internet is just like Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde!

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