Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A writer in the making

I browse through the stationary shop, feeling the smooth touch of papers. My mind is racing.. shall I pick up the onion skin paper, plain white notepaper or the handmade paper ? No wait! I'll pick up the recycled paper. It makes me feel real good and smug about myself. I've done my bit for the world environment. Why do I need these papers? Because, I have to write! I know I can use the word processor, but then, having a few sheets of exotic paper around is a good idea. You see, I had always wanted to become a writer, right from my college days, never mind that was more than 30 years ago! I still feel like when I was in college, don't I? My mirror can go and crack itself. Its important how you feel and not how you look. Right ?

Next I eye the neat array of pens. A writer should have a good pen! All the brands look so shiny and classy. Parker, Sheffield, Waterman , Pelikan , which do I choose? Oh gosh! Shall I pick up the ball pen or fountain pen or just gel. The colors? Flashy red , black? Well, I'll settle for the dignified navy blue. It will suit my image of a serious writer! Then I decide on a dark tan leather file to keep my papers, that odious plastic file is an absolute no no!

I walk back home, already feeling like a writer and pass by an electronic shop. What's that shining like a pearl on the display window? Its a laptop, a white Apple laptop! Yes ,I definitely must have that one. It's so chic and I am to be a chiclit writer, honestly, I am! How can I write without a word processor? A laptop is a must. The laptop that I bought six months earlier, is already a tad ancient and slow with all the spy wares and adwares happily sitting inside the machine. I keep walking , calculating how to pay the bill if I do buy it and of course it hits me! I'll pay it all back from the earnings I make from writing! Good, that's settled!

I reach home and look at my tiny corner. That chair does look uncomfortable! Doesn't it? I'll have to spend hours sitting and writing. Maybe, I'll buy a white leathered cushioned one to match my laptop. With my mind full of calculations, I open my engagement book. Dear me, I do have a party tonight !Oh no, tomorrow there is a baby shower and the next day, my friends are coming over for a girlie weekend .Gosh,I have appointments for this whole month, just like last month and all the months before that. Never mind, relax,I'll start writing from next month. What's the big deal? I have waited 30 years to become a writer, so another month of waiting will do no harm!

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  1. Stumbled across your Butler English article in course of research for my next book. Nice stuff. I overcame the writer's block too, with difficulty.

    Carry on.
    S V Divvaakar



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