Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Allure of Teapots

My precious teapot-belonged to my grandmother

 Teapots! The awesome pot with a spout and handle! Why do teapots fascinate us so? Maybe, we love tea? Or could it be that they are so pretty by themselves? No wonder teapots have become tremendously popular as collectables. Moreover, weren't we  imbibed with teapot awareness right from childhood? Who does not remember the teapot nursery rhyme even after many summers and grey hair?

My Collectables
  "I'm a little teapot,
 Short and stout
 Here is my handle
 Here is my spout
 When I get all steamed up,
 Hear me shout

Just tip me over and pour me out!"

Of course we all know  that  it takes just a tea bag and an electric jug to  make a cup of tea! But then, that won’t do for real tea lovers! Tea lovers love their cuppa brewed in the pot with a beautiful tea cosy thrown over it. Sounds so very quaint!

‘Strange, how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company.’ ~Author Unknown. So very true and spot on!

My corn teapot on my microwave
Teapots have become a collector’s delight and collecting teapots is not a storm in the teapot! Not only do teapots come in many styles but  also in a range of textures like cast iron, stoneware, bone china, porcelain, glass and brightly colored ceramics. Above all, the imagination, ingenuity and humor in crafting  teapots have made teapots a collector’s dream. Certain teapot designs mirror the taste and history of a particular era as well!

  There are innumerable awesome collectible teapots for every season - Valentine’s Day teapots, Halloween teapots, Mother’s Day teapots ,Easter teapots, Thanksgiving teapots and Holiday teapots . Christmas teapots make the most beautiful Holiday décor. They look so decorative and festive anywhere, whether perched on your microwave ,fridge, kitchen cabinet or in the nooks and corners of your dining room or kitchen. There are even miniature Christmas teapot ornaments and teapot serial lights to add a touch of charm to the Christmas tree.
My fav white pot

Whatever the array of teapots , be it vintage or new, seasonal or functional, Victorian or modern, Asian or Chinese, they are all so appealing, fascinating and enthralling. Hence,it’s really quite hard for an avid tea drinker like me , to resist the allure of TEAPOTS!

MY sister's collection of teapots

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