Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time for Jellybeans

  I came across a blog, Just a Little Place to Write, where every Wednesday they post a photo or a word and anyone can write anything with that prompt! It can be short or long or whatever ,as long as one just writes! I thought that it was fun and impulsively I decided to write a short post on the prompt of the week ‘Jellybean’

Here’s what I wrote:

  Jellybeans! The multicolored assorted tiny bean shaped confectionery? How I eyed them greedily in the comic books as a child! I felt I was being denied the ultimate goodie as they were not available in our country then. The very word ‘jelly bean’ has a sweet musical lilt to it, is’nt it? I even wished my Tooth Fairy placed some jelly beans under my pillow in exchange for my tooth!

  However, time flew and jelly beans were shoved behind my mind .I have passed middle age and now all of a sudden I’m greedy again for Jelly Beans! Yes, you guessed it! Google’s latest Android OS Jelly Bean for smart phones and tablets! I’m finally going to have Jellybeans! :)

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