Friday, May 10, 2013

Color Décor To Go With Mood

      Everyone knows that color and mood are inextricably linked.  You can either be influenced by the color around you or you can surround yourself with the color that suits your mood at that point of time.  Here are some awesome ideas for table centerpieces   in various colors. Follow your mood or let your mood overwhelm you! Either way, let color impact your  mood and décor!!

 WHITE: White lie?White knight? White , the color of purity


    RED: Seeing Red? Red faced? In the Red? Red is a strong eye catching color - the  color of romance !

PURPLE: Born to the purple? The color of Royalty. A calm and soothing color.

YELLOW:  Yellow streaked? Or may be yellow bellied?  Yellow is a joyful color- the color of sunshine!

BLUE: Feeling Blue?Out of the Blue?Once in a Blue moon? Blue, a peaceful and relaxing color.


PINK: Tickled pink?In the pink? Pink ,the color of  femininity, softness and innocence.

GREEN: Green with envy? Green eyed monster? Green Thumb ? Green,  the color of nature,is a restful color.

ORANGE:  Apples and oranges? Orange is a bright, joyful and cheerful color.

BROWNS:Brown as a berry?Brown off? Brown is the color of our Mother Earth.

ECO- Feel on top of the world by feeling that you have done your bit to save the earth! Use eco friendly brown paper vase!!

CANDLES:Nothing like a softly illuminated candlelit décor.

Go ahead and splash with whatever color impacts you!!

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