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Homemade Rice Wine

  Homemade Rice Wine

My first home- made wine ! It all started like this…one day , in midst of my youngest daughter’s wedding preparations, I got a call from the groom’s mother requesting me to make wine for the wedding toast! I was flabbergasted or rather nonplussed or whatever! I had never made wine nor do I know anything about wines. She coaxed me saying that it is really really a simple procedure and gave me a Mangalorian wine recipe made from rice and raisin. Since ignorance is bliss and  being unfamiliar with the nuances of the delicate art of wine making, I just followed the recipe blindly and made it! After 3 months, was I in for a big big surprise? Indeed yes! The groom's parents tasted it and said that it was awesome & that it was sooo good that I can even consider marketing it! There were no words to describe the euphoria I felt…I raise my glass to a toast, ‘There’s a first time for everything, including wine making. Cheers.’

Homemade Rice Wine

Rice -500 gm ,washed
Sugar-1 ¼ kg
Lime juice from 2 limes
Raisins- 100 gm
Yeast -1½  tsp
Drinking water- 3 liters 

Put the rice, sugar, washed raisins and  lime juice into a clean sterilized bharani (ceramic jar)or a food grade plastic bucket. Add the water.
Stir well, sprinkle yeast; mix well and cover .
Stir this mixture every day for about a couple of minutes.The mixture will be frothy.
On the 18th day, strain the mixture through a  muslin cloth into a clean dry vessel.
Again after a couple of days, pour the clear liquid from the top to another bharani (ceramic jar) .
Close and keep in a dark and cool place for 3 months.
After 3 months your wine is ready,crystal clear and light honey colored.
Since I did not have a good wine bottle..I bottled the wine in a Whiskey bottle

Serving Wine at home for the first time.
Imp Note: The jar should be cleaned in soap water, sterilized with hot water and sun dried.
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