Monday, August 24, 2009

32 Social Networking Icon sets for Craft Blogs and sites

Icons! The icons in your blog or website reflect you. It speaks volumes
about you, your likes and taste, your moods and state of mind ! So, I spent hours scouring the web to compile these amazing and astounding social networking icons just for you! These will definitely look real awesome in crafter's blogs or site. Social bookmark icons on your blog or site, are so very essential, as they are the keys to the door of communication to your social network sites! Of course, social networking has become a way of life, whether it is to be in touch with the global community, your family or even to promote your business! Therefore, keeping in mind the artist in you, these icons were handpicked to touch your aesthetic chord ! :)

Click Read More to view the 32 Social Networking Icon sets for Craft blogs and sites.

The sets include social media graphics for Delicious, Reddit, Linkedin, Digg, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Technorati and Twitter as well as commonly used icons such as RSS etc.
Enjoy picking the icon after your heart! :)
Check out the Cool Social Networking Icon sets here.(Coming soon!)

Web 2 Origami Icon Set

Hand Drawn Doodle Set
Glossy Waxed Wood Social Networking Icons

Social Media Icons by Plechi

Hand Drawn Photoshop Social Networking Shapes

Social Icons Hand Drawn

Sticky Notes Social Media Icon Set

Free Hand Color Stroked Icon set

Coffee Stain Social Networking Icons

Page Peel Free Social Media Icon Set

Orange Grunge Stickers Social Bookmarking Icons

Handy Icons
Black Magic Marker Social Bookmarking Icons

Social Grunge Icons by Tydlinka

Social Bookmark Sketchy Icons

Woodgrain Social Media Icons

Worn Cloth Social Networking Icons

Post Stamp Social Icon Set

Black Ink Grunge Stamps Social Media Icons

Wooden social Icon Sets

Handycons - Hand drawn Social Media Icon set

Retro Grunge Stripes Social Media Icons

Hand-drawn Social Media Icons

Watercolor Social Networking Icons

Free Crumpled Paper Social Networking Icons

Grunge Social Icons

Glassy Space Social networking Icons

Hand-drawn Sketch Icons

Color Pencil Social Media IconsGlossy Social Icon Set

Whitewashed Star Patterned Social Bookmarking Icons

Grunge Style Social Bookmarking Icons

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