Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cotton Candy Puppy

   Here's what I wrote for the photo prompt by Just a little place to write:

 I look around my empty nest, feeling lonely and gaze out of the window. ‘It’s still snowing,’ I tell myself, as I watch the white snowflakes drifting down gently on to the icy white carpet. 

 Suddenly a movement catches the corner of my eyes. I turn to see my neighbor’s small daughter, Amanda running around in circles in the snow, laughing and squeaking in delight!  Curious, I peer closely and notice that she is trying to hold on to something. Is it a snowball? No, it looks more like a cotton candy with sprinkles of chocolate! ‘White and chocolate marble cotton candy? Maybe it’s the flavor of the season! I must taste it, when I go to the fair next time!’ I think aloud.
I put on my coat and go outside to help Amanda retrieve her candy. As I near Amanda, I realize that the chocolate and white vision has life!

Amanda smiles, ‘He’s Ginger! Mom and Dad gave me this puppy for my birthday.’ Ginger seems to be a bundle of energy, sprinting in full throttle, jumping and tumbling! As I move closer, Ginger stops and stares at me, cocking his head! Then he dashes towards me, hurtling himself into my arms.

 I knew then that Amanda and the puppy were going to fill my lonely days with love and laughter!
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