Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fairy Circle

This post is for the Creative Writing Wednesday prompt!
And this picture is the prompt ....

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I danced away all night! My friends and I swayed round and round on the lush green grass with gay abandon under a starlit sky .

We danced till our dancing shoes were worn out ! In the wee hours of the morn ,as we were about to leave ,we glanced back and saw that the grass on which we had danced in a circle was now a trampled ring of brown grass!Mushrooms  had sprung up encircling the dance ring !

As my fairy friends and I were flying off to our home,the Pixie Fairy Land,we laughed gleefully at the thought of humans looking at our fairy sprinkled mushrooms, in absolute awe and wonder and calling them 'Fairy Circles'!
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  1. Love your little story :) I really felt like I was there. Thanks so much for sharing this with us :)



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