Monday, May 6, 2013

Curried Baked Eggs

       I was stuck with 12 eggs! Since I needed 12 egg shells to make 'Chocolate Eggs with Cream cheese' , I had cracked and poured  12 eggs on to a container.  ‘Now what do I do with all these eggs?’ I wondered. Should I make omelets or scrambled eggs? I was not inclined towards making elaborate cakes or deserts. Egg curry? No, not today! The cracked full eggs in the container looked so cute that I did not feel like mixing the yolk and white together. Weird? Well, maybe I was in one of those moods! :)  Then, I hit upon an idea…why not bake it as it and throw in some curry powder to make it  tangy and spicy?  Yes. That's it. When done, it was such a hit with the family, I served it with chicken steak and mushroom sauce! You can make with fewer eggs as well or according to your requirements.

Fry Onions and Tomatoes..add ginger garlic paste and curry powder .Add salt to taste.
Crack eggs and empty on to a baking dish  spread with a thin layer of curried mix.Bake till done.


Sprinkle pepper and spread the remaining curried mix on top.

Garnish with capsicum and spring onions.

Sprinkle Morzella Cheese and grill till cheese melts!

Curried Baked Eggs


12   Eggs
4 big  Onion ,grated
4 big  Tomatoes ,pureed
1 tsp  Ginger garlic paste 
1tsp  Curry powder 
1   Capsicum
2  sprigs  Spring Onions
½ cup  Morzella cheese
Salt and Pepper to taste

    Fry the grated onions and pureed tomatoes in a little oil in a pan. When fried till transparent, add the ginger garlic paste .Saute .Add the curry powder and salt to taste. Remove from pan and let it cool. Alternately, you can fry chopped onions and chopped tomatoes, then  add ginger garlic paste, curry powder .Remove from heat and cool. Then put them in a mixer and grind coarsely. Keep aside.

    Preheat the oven at 200c .Take a baking dish, spread a thin layer of curried onion and tomatoes mix. Crack eggs and empty them on to the baking dish on top of the thin layer of curried mix. Do not beat them. Put the dish in the oven and bake them till they are set (approximately 220 mins)

     Remove from oven, sprinkle pepper and spread the remaining curried mix on top of the set egg.Garnish with cut round capsicum and snip some spring onions. Top with grated morzella cheese and grill till the cheese melts.

Done! Yum Yum!!! Served with chicken steak ,mashed potato and mushroom sauce.

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