Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Make money on the Internet

Money, dough, green jack or whatever that crumpled piece of paper in your wallet is known as, it does make our world go round! So now that you are familiar with the basics of computer and have started browsing away happily..why not consider making money on the internet as well? Yes, there are countless ways to go about making money with your computer and on the internet. Is it easy? Of course it is..but remember a golden rule, ‘Never spend money to make money.’ At least for a beginner!

There are umpteen spam sites that will offer you 'get rich quick’, ‘make $1000 a day’ schemes and so on and so forth. But,do keep in mind that there is never instant money anywhere-on the internet or elsewhere .You have to work step by step to build up your base and money will just trickle in at first and then maybe a little reasonable amount, as you get the hang of it! You do need enormous hard work and patience .Hence, your financial investment should be zero where as your real investment should be hard work ,effort, patience and time.

“Money never starts an idea. It is always the idea that starts the money.”- Owen Laughlin

The advantages of making money online:
• You will have a sense of achievement
• It will build up your self confidence
• Keeps your mind active
• You become more and more innovative
• You will discover many different ways to make more money
Finally you become a pro! Money pours in!

You cannot make money by building an internet company, but you have to use the internet as a tool to create value and get paid for it.
The opportunities and the list are endless-which we will be dealing in the following posts. Just go for it! Yes, that’s it!

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