Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Love Affair

It was love at first sight.. for me! You see, you are never old to fall in love! My new love happened after my children left home. How did it happen? Well, one day, I had gone shopping. Psst..I am a shopoholic. Suddenly my eyes fell on a elegant sleek silhouette against the soft beam of light .I was mesmerized by the sleek silhouette. I just could not peel my eyes off that silhouette. Here I was openly ogling first and then literally drooling! I am unaware of the eyes around me. I have this urge to touch and feel! Shall I? Shall I not? Then I say to myself, Why not? I take a step forward. The silhouette stood ground. Another step and another step and I was near.With eyes full of admiration I whisper unabashed,’ Come on..I’m taking you my bedroom!’ I turn around to see many expectant amused eyes, but I say in a loud voice, ‘Yes.. I’m taking..this model .Send this home please!’ Thus my brand new computer arrived home to me! :) I was totally besotted and proud to finally own my own personal computer! I went on and on about how cool my computer was, and how much fun I was going to have using it!

Now, the next step! Its never too late to learn! Do not be intimidated by the technology and never ever think that you will ever be any good at computers because you didn't grow up with them! Just have fun playing around your computer and before you realize it ,you would have learnt the basics all by yourself. All that you need is some patience and you will learn by trial and error.Having fun playing around your computer ,will make it all the more easy for you to learn. The real reason why many people find it difficult to learn all about computers is actually very simple- it's their mental attitude!But then, they do have control over their attitude isn’t it? Now, surely, you do have the right mental attitude, don’t you? Well, so then, welcome to the world of technology! :)
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