Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Make Money for Beginners

For those who are just taking the plunge into the world of internet, in course of time something is bound to happen! You will feel the urge to try out and earn some money without investment from the internet. After all, that’s what you keep reading all over the net about how so many people have turned billionaires overnight and how to make $100 a day and other get rich schemes. Well, of course you should most definitely give a try to make money on the net! According to me, I would recommend two ways to earn money on the net for beginners.

1. Get paid to do surveys.
2. Get paid to read emails.

There are many, many paid to read email sites and paid to survey sites out there .You have to be careful tho’ as there are more scam sites than legitimate sites. How do you check out which are the genuine sites? Well, there are a couple of sites that help you in determining the paying and the scam sites. Check out both sites before signing up for the paid to read email.

1. Beenpaid.com - gives you a list of sites that are paying.
2. GPTboycott.com - lists sites that are known scams.

Here’s a small tip about evaluating good get paid to read email sites. First do check out their minimum payout level- that is, the amount of money you should earn before they pay you up. If the minimum payout level is like a $20 or more, just do not even think about signing up with them. Usually, most of these sites with high payout levels, have no intention on paying up their members. When people get close to the target payment, they just disappear. Anyway, in case you would like to give it a try, there are certain legitimate sites with very low payout level such as $1 or less or maybe even a no minimum payout level! Then there is a chance of you getting paid every month. For instance, Quick Rewards has no minimum payout level.
In the same manner, there are many scammers as well with the paid survey sites too. But then, there are many good sites and you do not have to pay money to do them. If you come across a site which demands a fee to join the so called survey site, then just forget them.

Here are a few websites that have allow you to earn some money without making an investment.

1. Survey Spot (www.surveyspot.com)
2. Global Test Market (www.globaltestmarket.com)
3. Zoom panel (www.zoompanel.com)

These sites pay the money to your PayPal account and you can withdraw your amount from your Paypal account. Dont have a Paypal account? You can sign up from here.

Nowadays, these sites reward you with sweepstakes entries and points. Hence ,my personal opinion would be to start a blog or website to make money!
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