Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Array of Twigs

Coconut leaves
Look around your garden! You will find umpteen varieties of twigs. Why not make an arrangement out of those twigs? Nothing is as satisfying as making your own arrangement. This twig arrangement was made out of the stuff from my garden!
You need. 

  • Some hard twigs
  • A cane bowl or any bowl,on which twigs can be stuck.
  • Few artificial flowers
  • Styrofoam or oasis
  • Soft twigs. (I had used dried coconut leaves cut into strips)
Step 1.
Apply white glue on the container. Gather the soft twigs and spread white glue on it as well. Smoothen the twigs and press it on the container. Press it well. Let it dry.
Step 2.
Glue twigs onto the container
Cut the styrofoam or oasis to fit the container and arrange the twigs and flowers according to your imagination.    
Step 3.
If you want to paint the container to match your décor ,use a suitable matching paint. I had painted it dark brown, to go with my decor.
Step 4. 
Place the dried arrangement inside the container.
Paint Twig and place the arrangement inside the twig container

Yes, that’s it! Your home made twig arrangement is ready! 

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