Monday, June 20, 2011

The Seven Damsels

(Never mind if they are grand moms , moms in law and
                                                                    in-waiting moms in law)     

The Seven Damsels
Party time!

There are these seven damsels,
Tucked away in a remote corner 
                              of South India,
But then, there burns a flame
Inside each one of them,
To make footprints in the sands 
                                     of time.

Munira, loaded with fun ideas to 
                          create terrific get-togethers,
Bindiya, the fashion diva,
Uma, the dancer with delightful twinkle toes,
Sureka, the writer and journalist,
Lashmi, the resourceful, handling everything over her cell phone,
Shashi, the social worker and Tamil poet
And last but not least, Laila the dreamer!
Potluck Lunch

Like crayons of various hues, 
This bunch of assorted damsels
Share a common love for
Laughter , fun and cooking .
Each damsel is an unique individual
Doing her own thing  her way
But together times are beautiful times!

These damsels sowed seeds 
              of friendship,two and a half decades ago,
And now they reap bushels of amity and happiness!
Like fine wine their friendship has gotten sweeter,
Like antique it has become valuable,
Like river it just flows!
Whether they could make footprints in the sands of time one cannot tell,
But they have certainly made footprints in each others' hearts!

The Trekking Damsels

The Eco-Friendly damsels..

Planting trees at Lakshmi's estate.

The Symbolic Damsels on Women's Day!
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  1. That is a lovely poem/prose. You write so well, Babyma!

  2. Thanks Ritzzz...this is



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