Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Ice Cream Mania

My yummy sugar caramel canape ice cream in Malaysia
'I scream, you scream
We all scream for Ice cream.'

As a kid, I considered that as the most perfect, ultimate rhyming poem. As a teenager, I reflected that Wordsworth, Shelly and Shakespeare's verses in all their glory, were not a patch on this Ice cream rhyme. The very word ‘Ice-cream’ sends a chilly tingling sensation through me!  It was love at first taste for me, when the first dollop of ice cream hit my taste bud and did I experience a symphony of ecstasy? Most certainly yes and I was hopelessly hooked!

My ice cream bucket planter
 I still remember vividly, standing impatiently in my mom’s kitchen as she churned ice cream in a manual wooden ice cream bucket .That wooden ice cream bucket, the source of a great deal of icy raptures and bliss, is still with me, but then, the wooden bucket coordinated perfectly with my living room decor , that the poor ice cream churner now serves as a container for my plant ! It really does look so very cute though!

Once, while sitting through a very boring sermon half asleep, I heard the word ‘ice cream’ My ears pricked up and I was all attention personified. The preacher was saying that our Maker is like an ice cream maker – he creates us in different flavors. Awesome! What a delightful thought! God, an Ice cream maker? Well, this concept impresses me. I think I would like to be the minty choc chip flavored ice cream, with maybe just a little hint of Kahlua liqueur for added flavor? Done, that’s decided.

A birthday sundae I had at Singapore

  Back then, while growing up, Vanilla, Strawberry, Pista, Chocolate and Mango were the only flavors available here, while there were about a couple of exotic deserts like peach Melba and Banana split and a sundae containing  two or three scoops of assorted ice creams with chocolate sauce and nuts topping. That’s it!That’s about all ! Surely the present generation will shake their heads in utter disbelief at this measly choice, but we were quite happy, after all, icecream is icecream. Then came along another slogan -‘Monday, Tuesday, we want Sundae.’ Sounds adorable! Now the market is flooded with unimaginable amazing flavors of ice creams and gelatos!
 I don’t know if the following story is true or a myth. It seems, an ice cream vendor at a fair, did not have enough vessels to serve ice cream, so he took the help of a waffle maker and rolled up the ice cream in waffles and served . Thus, waffles and ice cream were invented. A real innovative genius, in the category of Edison and Newton!
 Thro’ my life’s journey, I’ve learnt the following frosty icicles of wisdom-
“Ice-cream transcends all ages... Ice-cream never lets you outgrow it.’ How very true!
 The internet is also cashing in on the icecream passion where e-cards sites call July 13th as the Ice cream month! Ice cream cone day is supposed to be on July 23rd , Soft Icecream Day on August 19th, Banana Split day on Aug22nd , Icecream sundae Day on Aug 2nd and so on and so forth. Well, well.. what can one say?

And finally, in conclusion I’d like to add, a teeny weeny twirl to the Bards famous words:
 ”Age cannot wither the fascination for ice creams nor custom stale its 
infinite flavors” 

My sister and I  in Singapore.

Why am I eying my niece's ice cream ?

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