Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to our World

I’m back! Back to our world! Back to our normal, regular good old chaotic world. Good. But then, where had I been? Maybe, kidnapped to an alien world? No, I was just sort of sucked into a virtual world, a world that had me in its clutches for a year and a half. I was dangerously close to being devoured by this virtual world’s quicksand.
My villa and crops

It all started in such a harmless manner. I bought a piece of land in this virtual idyllic world, where I built my own house, my sheep and pig pens, nursery barn, chicken coop, with the help of amazingly wonderful neighbors. I ploughed , sowed the lush virgin soil and harvested bushels of crops, raised chickens , watered the seedlings ever so lovingly and grew them to trees. I even bred polka dotted and star sheep and not to mention the checked and striped pigs. Awesome! I had a stable with a variety of such handsome stallion and mares, that they could put any Arabian horse to shame. I was so very engrossed tending to my farm from morning till midnight , that I shunned my real-time friends and outings. I abandoned my passions like dressing, cooking and writing. But the biggest casualty was my figure. Did I go out of shape? Of course not, I am still in shape! Round is a shape is’nt it? 
The virtual world to where I was transported is, FARMVILLE- a farming game in Facebook. It ‘s a wonderful ,peaceful and beautiful world where neighbors lived in perfect harmony - ever ready to  help you out, the animals and birds were so cute and colourful  and to top it all, you could even harvest cupcakes, fruit bars and grow cotton candy trees, bubblegum trees , gem and crystal trees as well. Is’nt it just perfect! The ultimate Eden. Let me hasten to add that I am not giving up on Farmville totally but just spare it a limited time each day!

Returning back to reality, I decided to rehabilitate myself by doing  the following:
  •   Wrote this blog
  •   Cleared my outdated cosmetics and expired dated cream and lotion jars.
  •   Emptied my closet of those nightmarish clothes I used to hang around at home while working hard at my farm.
  •   Enrolled myself at a gym
  •   Planned a shopping spree over the weekend
 My friends and loved ones rejoice that they have found their lost one. Am I a prodigal daughter?

A corner of my English Country side
My fruit-bar crops

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  1. So glad you're back to blogging, Babyma! You actually make Farmville sound like Eden (never thought of it that way). Btw, your farm looks beautiful and I can see the fruits of your years of effort :P

  2. My Farmville is like your Sims..Ritz!!Are you still into it?:)



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