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Home Barista - The Art Of Making Professional Quality Espresso Drinks at Home [Kindle Edition] 

                                                        By Sara Buchanan

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Book Description
April 26, 2012
At last!
You can finally enjoy home made espresso (and all kinds of coffee concoctions) in the comfort of your own home without the hassle, expense or frustration of the leaving home to get it - even if you have never tried anything like this before!

Are you lookimg to bask in the joy of delicious epsresso coffee drinks and stay cosy and relaxed in your own home?

If so then "Home Barista - The Art Of Making Professional Quality Drinks in Your Own Home" is the ebook for you.

Wouldn't it be great if you could learn the following:

You will learn about coffee beans, how to grind, blend, store and what style and flavor to use for your machine for best results.

We will cover a step by step process for making perfect espresso coffee, every time (recipes for each drink are included).

Perfect the art of making crema ( the golden caramel) on top of good espresso coffee.There is even a trouble shooting guide to ensure best results every time.

How to select your own domestic coffee machine and how to maintain it correctly.

You will learn to make "Milk Art" the milk designs on top of some espresso coffees.

There is also a small section entitled, "Sweet Treats" which offers a series of recipes to make from scratch. I make them myself so I know they are fantasic.

As you can see, we leave no coffee bean unturned, leaving nothing to the imagination. Everything is covered, and you'll soon discover how simple it is to have the finest coffee, the most delicious espresso, the most wonderous tastes, all in your own kitchen.

How to Jazz Up Your Regular Tea  - Green Tea Could Taste Better: Green Tea Recipes (Green Tea Information) [Kindle Edition]

                                                    By Cathy Chiu
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Book Description
May 16, 2012
Don’t you ever get tired of your regular tea?

Want it to taste better?

Cathy Chiu, the green tea expert, presents you this book on how you can enjoy your green tea experience. A guide on how to add delicious variations to your green tea and how it can help you experience a unique taste.

The recipes include: Milk Green Tea, Baked Green Tea, Green Tea Cheese Cake, Cookie Flavoured Green Tea, Green Tea Icecream, Green Tea Milkshake, Green Tea Chills, Green Tea Frappe, and lots of information you'll love.

Give yourself a healthy and tasteful present and buy this green tea recipe guide now!

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