Friday, August 10, 2012

Thelma by Marie Corelli

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A free Timeless Best-Seller: THELMA by Marie Corelli (1987)

This book which was written more than a hundred years back still moves readers and leaves a vivid image of the characters well after you've read the book.


AMAZON - This is a love story based on the eternal triangle. Thelma a beautiful girl , unawakened to love, is seen and loved by a gentleman who takes her away from the land of her birth Norway.
She in turn is loved and worshiped by her father's man who sacrifices his life for her. Thelma is loved by her husband's friend who never ever lets on who the object of his passion is. After many turmoils Thelma dies leaving a daughter, Thelma. The sweetest ending with the daughter marrying the friend who loved her mother!
The story seems too simple to comprehend in today's world where you see a girl and you sleep with her! This is a gentle story filled with love, passions wakened and unawakened.Full of the dark thoughts that torment humans and thoughts we do not like to talk about.

About the Author
Mary Mackay(1855 - 1924) was an English novelist famous for her melodramatic themes and better known by her pen name Marie Corelli. Beginning her career as a musician, Corelli became one of the best - selling authors of her time. Her books were collected by the Royal family as well as by Churchill. In her writings, she attempted to unite different spiritual ideals with Christianity. Her first novel published in 1886, was A Romance of Two Worlds.

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