Friday, August 10, 2012

Kindle Reading Apps

To all the book worms...
  Want to read all those amazing free ebooks available out there? Sure .The good news is that , you don't HAVE  to own a Kindle device to enjoy the Kindle books! The free Kindle Reading Apps is all that you need! 

Download and install the  free Kindle Reading Apps from Amazon to all your devices like your smart phone,tablet and computer . You will be able to read the same kindle book  on any device.Hmmmm? It means that you can start reading a book on your PC, and pick up where you left off  in your Tablet or Smartphone. Cool, is’nt it!

Now, get going and grab those thousands and thousands of free Kindle ebooks! :)

Download Free Kindle Apps HERE

You will be taken to a page like this...

Choose the device you want.

For Windows PC  you will be taken to a download page like this.

Download free Kindle Reading Apps for PC

Now, enjoy as many books you  want - either free or bought !Happy reading!

To  buy Kindle ebooks from Amazon -
  • When you first launch Kindle for PC, it prompts you to log on to your Amazon account.
  • Once you do, your books are displayed with beautiful cover images. 
  • Double-click a book
  • Takes you to this page...
  •  Click on the orange one click button and your book is downloaded to your Device .
That's it! Done.Your book has been downloaded to your Device.Happy reading! :)

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