Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Earn money from your Digital Camera

Do you go about clicking away gleefully with your digital camera at everything and anything? And have you by any chance, been a wee bit impressed with all your photos? Then, do consider making money from your hobby! Make your digital camera your money spinning device. Sounds cool? Well it is! Freelance Digital Photography or Stock Photography has so much demand in the internet that you can make a tidy packet with it.Yes, go ahead and give it a shot! You do not need any expensive photography equipment, special printers, special photography training or diplomas for stock photography. Just your passion and your digital camera will do!

What is stock photography? Your photographs are bought by a company and stored in a database. These photographs are then licensed to publishers, advertising agencies, and other companies for their use. There are a many people out there willing to pay for your hobby like newspapers, magazines and book publishers. Even websites , stock photography sites , postcard printers and the travel industry postcard printers require these photos.

All you do need is a:

• Digital camera (minimum of 4 mega pixels) with 3X zoom.
• Access to the internet.
• A Light box.
That's it!

How do you earn money from the photos? First, you upload your digital photos to stock photo sites and whenever someone downloads your photo they pay a royalty to you. You can submit your images to more than one stock agency site and you can earn money with the same photograph all your lifetime! Moreover, you are allowed to sell the same photo a 'number of times'. Thus, each time a person purchases your photo, your royalty will earn money for you.

How to sell your photos successfully:

1. Sign up in Stock Photo Sites:
These stock photography sites will act as an agent to advertise and sell your photos. Register in at least 3 stock sites and make money from those sites at the same time.

2. Learn all about your Digital Camera:
Read and understand the user manual and experiment different modes and techniques with your digital camera. Many professional photographers use simple Point and Click cameras to shoot close-up, macro photos. Set your camera to shoot the highest quality and largest size photos.

3. Find out how to sell your photos:
You should explore and study what kind of pictures sell. Learn how to sell and where to sell. Send only quality photos. Photographs with people are the highest selling stock photos.

Few tips before sending in your photos to photo stock sites:
• Never provide exclusive rights to anyone.
• Refer to the Terms and Conditions of the photo stock agencies.
• Get a Model Release (which is a no-objection certificate) signed from people who pose for your photos.
• All your pictures should be watermarked, so that no one can steal them.
• Make sure that your image is original and truly copyrighted by you.

Don’t be disappointed and frustrated if you are rejected in your early days due to poor quality, or not having commercial value. Don’t quit! Never give up! Keep on practicing! You will be successful in stock photography in no time!
Good luck and start earning!

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