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Earn money from Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate Advertising is one of the best ways that can help you earn handsome money from your blog. But then, your blog should be sort of established and has some traffic before you can think of monetizing by putting affiliate programs on it.

What exactly is Affiliate Advertising?
Affiliate advertising is essentially a process where an advertiser either places advertisements or pays a blogger to promote the advertiser’s products or services on the blogger’s site.
There are three main types of affiliate ads:

-'The advertiser only pays for qualifying clicks to the destination site based on a prearranged per-click rate.'

- 'The advertiser only pays for leads generated at their destination site. No payment is made for visitors who don't sign up.'

-'The advertiser only pays for sales generated by the destination site based on an agreed upon commission rate. '

All these three affiliate ad types have one thing in common- they are performance based .You earn money only when your readers click on a ad or link or click on a link and purchase the product on the clicked link page. So, if you have more traffic you will have more viewers clicking on the ads in your blog and you will earn more money.

On the other hand, there are a few well-known companies that offer affiliate programs which you can place on your blog irrespective of how well established your blog is.

The following are the three popular ones in this category:

Amazon: Amazon offers a wide range of ads like text links, banner ads and more. You can also place specific Amazon products to feature on your blog.
eBay: You have the option to choose from the numerous eBay’s auction and find the precise products that you would like to advertise on your site.
AllPosters: From AllPosters you have a choice of 400,000 products to advertise on your blog.

Apart from these Affiliate Advertising Programs , there are Affiliate Directories where various online merchants post their affiliate ad opportunities which you can review and apply to host a specific ad on your blog. But then, they will evaluate your blog in terms of popularity and traffic and hence, if your blog is well established then it is more advantageous for you. Dont just jump at the first ad you see and place it on your blog, but do a little research on each affiliate directory to find what suits you and your blog!

A few Popular Affiliate Advertising Directories in this category are:

Commission Junction
Associate Programs
Affiliates Directory

A few tips:
1. Different affiliate programs offer different payments and credibility. Read all the terms and payment options before you sign up.
2. Select ads that are consistent with your blog’s content. If the ads do not go with your content it will be clicked on less frequently.
3. Do not put too many affiliate ads or your blog may look like a spam site. Search engines will mark your site as spam as well.
4. Do not expect huge profits overnight. It takes a while and patience to see results, but then you will reap the benefits soon!

Go ahead and give it a try !

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