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Top 5 Stock Photography sites

The dawn of the digtial camera era has seen the mushrooming of many budding amateur photographers. Yes ,you too can become a photographer and all that it takes for you to become one is a snap! Or maybe a click! Actually many clicks! :) Just snap , click and shoot away as many pictures as possible .Your digital camera does not need film, right? And THAT is a great boon. In course of time you will learn all about lighting, backgrounds and staging your digital photos for better effect that you would become skilled at the subject!
Some helpful hints before you submit your photos to photo stock sites:

• When you apply, you will have to submit a few sample images. Your photos will be estimated for quality.
• Shoot some sample images with bright light and preferably inside a photo light box.
• Always, always upload only the best images.

• Use relevant keywords. If your keyword is bad, your image will not sell or be seen, no matter how good your image is.
• Check out the most in-demand image subjects and do not wast your time uploading the least requested photos.

The 5 top stock photography sites where you can exhibit your photography skill are:

1.Fotolia -
The ideal files size that Fotolia demand should be at least 2000 x 3000 pixels. for web use and print use

2. Dreamstime -
Dreamstime requires that the images should be at least 3MP in size or more and it must in RGB JPG format only.

3. BigStockPhoto -
This site requires you to take a photographer test after studying their tutorial pages. If you get through the test you, then you can upload your photos, which will be reviewed by the editors.

4. iStockPhoto -
iStockPhoto specifies that the images should be in RGB JPG format and a large file. All files should be 1200 x 1600 pixels minimum - anything smaller will be automatically discarded.

5. ShutterStock -
This site has a referral program from which users can earn money. Images must be at least 2.5 megapixel to be accepted and new photographers’ minimum size is 4.0MP.

Two other great websites to consider are and

You make your own inexpensive Light Box at home to take awesome professional photos! You will find a great tutorial here.

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