Thursday, August 6, 2009

Earn money writing

Are you a writer ? Would you like to expand your experience? Would you love to reach out globally?Well then,if so, online writing is just the right option for you! Or perhaps, you always wanted to be a writer but never did know how to go about becoming one. No worries. There are some sites where you can submit your articles and if you can get paid for it, wouldn’t that be gratifying as well?
There are many paid to write sites and there are equal number of scam sites as well. You do have to be so very careful not to waste your time with them. These paid to write sites offer cash and not gift cards or prizes.

The writing sites generally have the following methods of payments for the articles submitted.
1) One-time payment sites:
Sites like DailyArticle, Constant Content, Textbroker and Demand Studios make a lump sum payment on per article basis.

2) Upfront payment sites:
In Associated Contents and Helium sites, you may get paid upfront payments as well as ‘click money’. Click money is payment for each time someone clicks on your articles.

3) Passive income sites:
These sites either pay a writer based on the page views an article has generated like Triond Suite101, Shvoong or allow writers to display Google Adsense on their articles and take a cut from the revenue earned like Hubpages and GZYN

4) Specialized writing categories sites:
These sites focus on specific topics. At Letter Rep, you'll find only letter writing assignments, Wisebread focuses on finanical issues, Storymash specializes in works of fiction whereas Ground Report and Newsvine deal only in news articles. Payment schemes varies from site to site.

5) Liaison Sites :
Sites like Guru, Elance, Odesk and Get A FreeLancer are not publishing sites but they connect and liaison between writers and publishers. These sites generally take precautions to safeguard both the writers and as well as the publishers from getting cheated. Payments are always on a one time basis unless a writer is able to strike a sort of private arrangement with a publisher.

6) Scam Sites:

There are sites like Academia-research and which are is another scam site which promise that your winning poems will be included in their forthcoming collections and then go about asking for payment to get them published!

Warning: Stay away from sites if they-
• Ask for money
• Don’t pay up their upfront rates.
• Their websites do not exist
• Want you to do a test assignment
• Don’t spell out their requirements

So then, Good luck and Happy Writing!

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