Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Build Brainpower

Build Brainpower? Yes, just as we build muscles through physical exercise, we can build brainpower through mental exercise - that’s what researchers have suggested! To have mental competence, your first step should be to exercise your mind! I recently came across a real cool word called ‘mental gymnastics’ and I was immediately taken in with the word as I thought that this word is so very apt for mental activity. Of course, our brains get rusty with disuse, just as our muscles shrivel without exercise and so certainly it is a good idea to work out our brains regularly. Our daily to-do list should include a healthy diet, some physical activity, and of course mental gymnastics.

What mental activities are helpful for mental stimulation? Well, the following activities are real good brainpower boosters.

• Crossword puzzles
• The Sudoku number puzzle
• Scrabble, the word builder
• Learning new languages, crafts and so on.
• Reading stimulating books on philosophy, mystery stories, different cultures and religion that make you think.
• Solitaire (card game) and Mahjong games are alsogood for mental acuity.

Apart from these mental activities, bust yourself with these busters to boost up your brains!

Stress buster: Stress causes memory lapses and so practicing meditation, yoga, or exercise for a few minutes daily helps in reducing stress.
Solitude buster: Take time out to be with friends or family. Be connected and maintain an active social lifestyle.
Eat Brain-Healthy food: Antioxidents, omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, vegatables, unsaturated fats are all linked to a healthy brain.
Sloth buster: Be active by walking, doing household or garden activities and aerobic exercises as well.
Mental Dust buster: Learn new intellectual games and activities to keep the mind sharp.

Since it is a fact that even in old age the brains can grow new neurons, most age-related memory loss is simply due to inactivity and a lack of mental exercise and stimulation!

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