Thursday, August 6, 2009

About Blogs and 'Dear Diary'

Blog! It’s the modern version of ‘Dear diary’. Oh, how we hid our diaries from prying eyes and kept it so very private! Well, all that has changed now. The trend now is to let the whole world know what you are doing, what you are thinking, your ideas and opinions on this , that and other about everything! First, you will be intimidated by the fact that your thoughts are out there exhibited to the whole world but then, slowly but surely you do get the hang of it and the obsession to publicize your thoughts becomes overwhelming and you are hooked!

‘Dear diary’ belonged only to you but your blog belongs to the world! There’s more to it. Your blog can earn you money. Well..well.. well. So, the idiom ‘a penny for your thoughts’ is true after all! A decade back, surely if someone had even suggested that dear diary will go so very public,you would have pooh poohed. No soothsayer had prophesied the magnitude of the blog phenomena.

Didn’t we keep a dried pressed leaf or a flower, a card or whatever souvenir in our diary? It was for our eyes only and we did think it made our dear diary so very cute filled with these mementos. Whereas now ,as our blog is for the world to see, pictures and visuals with a dash of audio are added to the blogs to catch the attention of the readers. In the early stages of blogs, they were just textual but then as the blog’s popularity became extensive, the blogs got categorized according to genre and so you have, Artlogs, Sketchblogs , Photoblogs , Vlogs(video blogs), MP3 blogs and audio blogs called Podcasts. Hmm.. Quite a category and genre! To top it all, the obsession to publish one’s thought is so great that it is quite a vogue to write blogs on mobile devices like mobile phones or PDAs and these are known as Moblogs!

‘Publication is a self-invasion of privacy.’ quotes Marshall McLuhan.Oh no,not any longer.The passion to publicize one's thoughts and actions is so great that micro blogging is the fad now! It is about publishing one liners on whatever you are up to! Like Twitter or Tweeting for instance.Do you feel about something? Just publish it. Do you have an opinion about something? Just publish it. Are you doing something? Just publish it .Thus,micro blogging and sharing your thoughts and feelings instantaneously with friends and family and the whole world in general is the flavor of the month!And you do have a variety of categories or genres on the menu list to choose from.Happy blogging! :)

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