Saturday, August 8, 2009

The dreaded Writer’s block

I’m feeling absolutely and totally uninspired and unable to write! Words just don’t seem to happen. Why is my mind blank? Why am I not getting any ideas? What is this new occurrence I am experiencing? My head feels like a block. Like a block of wood or a block of ice? Perhaps like a block of building? No, this feels different! Moreover, I feel a sort of panic as well.

However, I have heard of a situation where writers have a temporary inability to think and write. Of course, these happen to be my symptoms at this point in time! I’m inept at getting even a single sensible sentence on paper or my word processor. Right now, all that I’m capable of, is to stare at my blank sheet of white paper and my black keyboard! I am at a total loss for words .Yes, that’s it! I have the dreaded Writer’s Block - a writer’s nightmare!
‘If I don't write to empty my mind, I go mad ’- Lord Byron. But dear Lord Byron, my mind is so very empty that I’m going mad because I’m not able to write!

Well, technically, writer’s block happens due to depression, physical illness or even financial pressures. A sense of failure, the pressure to produce work, the end of a relationship may also contribute to a writer's block. In a few cases the stress of living up to a previous big success can also cause writer’s block. A writer and neurologist Alice W. Flaherty has contended that literary creativity is a function of specific areas of the brain, and brain activity being disrupted in those areas can cause the block. Whatever!

Ok then, fine, its time for me, to put into action all those amazing awesome advice I have read about when one is struck by the dreaded block. I’m off for a walk now, to get some fresh air - it oxygenates the brain as well! Then, maybe I’ll do some meditation, watch a cool movie, catch up on my family and friends and basically, take a break! Certainly, tomorrow is another new dawn, another new day, and hopefully new ideas will roll out as words!

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